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Oppdatert 25 June, 2012
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Hadeland Glassverk 23 and 24 june-2012
Black Indian's Fame: BEST IN SHOW!!!

4 mnt old, Black Indian's Fame at show in Hadeland Glassverk this weekend, was here first show and was BOB and
Best in Show two days in a row.
I want to congratulate Lene so much with successful results!!!


Black Indian's Eye Candy get the BOB today!
Congrats to to the handler Ammy Steen.
Living and loved by Ammy Steen.
Owner and Breeder: Kennel Black Indian


Nat show Hellerudsletta

Black Indian's Bao get the CAC today!
Congrats to the owner Ann Christin Storteig.



International show Drammen

Black Indian's Barney get the CAC today!
Congrats to the owner Linn Lunde Martinsen.



12 May 2012
Norsk Kennel Klub, Lillesand, Norway

New Nordic and Norwegian Beauty Champion!!!
Judge: Marit Sunde, Norway

Kip's Bonito Boricho
Owner Andrea Babuin, Italy.
Breeder: Andrea Babuin, Italy.


28 April 2012
Norsk Dobermanklubb, Letohallen, Norway

New Nordic Beauty Champion!!!
Judge: Leonard, Philomena

Black Indian´s Ace Ventura
Owner Lene F Arnesen & Marian Hansen.
Breeder: Kennel Black Indian


15 april 2012
Int show Bergen.

New Norwegian Beauty Champion!!!

Bogerudmyra's Jawa
Owner Marian Hansen
Breeder: Marit Sunde kennel Bogerudmyra .


6 January 2012
My Dog, Göteborg, Sweeden.

New Sweedish Beauty Champion!!!

Kip's Bonito Borricho
Owner and Breeder: Andree Banuin, Itally.

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